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We make tailored clothing simple for everyone.

So if you’re not happy with your first shirt, just return itand we’ll make alterations or replace them with new ones.

When it’s small details, we’ll arrange for minor alterations free of charge.

If it’s something bigger, we’ll replace it free of charge. We believe in keeping customers for life, so we’ll always strive to make you happy.

As always, we’ll be here to help with any questions, issues, problems, or compliments.

Happy Shopping, Tailors Mark


Made to Measure Doesn’t Quite Fit.

With every Tailors Mark garment, there’s always allowances for your body and your individuality. You don’t have to worry about yourself or your grooms party looking like they’ve bought suits off the shelf, because we bring custom detailing into the entire process.

We’ve developed our online store to be the solution for all occasions, including work, weddings, play - with premium quality fabrics, choices for colour and luxury dress apparel.

At Tailors Mark, we use technology to simplify the fitting and process for tailored suits and tailored shirts, which means you can be sized, fitted, and ready to order online in just a few minutes. At If it doesn’t fit first time around we’ll arrange for minor alterations free of charge. If it’s something bigger, we’ll replace it free of charge. We believe in customers for life.

It Fits.

At Tailors Mark, it always fits.

Crafted Individuality.

At Tailors Mark, we realise that there’s a certain romance with custom made clothing. The idea that you’re personally sized and that the measurements account for the fact that your arms may be a little longer than most, or that you’re broad in the shoulders. That someone then takes the materials and hand crafts a tailored suit or tailored shirt to your exact specifications.

Over few years, we’ve aimed to simplify the tailoring process using technology, while still ensuring the romanticism of a master tailor hand crafting your garments to your exact measurements.

We have unlimited combinations for you to choose from with one of the largest catalogues online, so you can select your materials with confidence, knowing that you won’t bump into someone in the same custom fit, custom suit or custom shirt as you when you’re out at a party or at a wedding.

It’s been our goal to always go above and beyond what is required to make sure you’re fully satisfied with the fit, price, and process of buying a Tailors Mark suit, trousers, or shirt. It’s how we’ve developed our reputation in the tailored clothing and custom tailoring business industry.

Once we’ve got your fit, then you’ll never have to be measured again. So it’s really easy to order custom suits and custom shirts for special events, work, and weddings whenever you please.

Order today.

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