Care Instructions

Want to keep your new shirts looking their best? Just follow these points to extend the life of your custom tailored shirt and keep it looking new for years to come!

Here are some tips to follow that'll help extend the life of your dress shirts:

  • Prior to first wearing, wash your new shirt to soften the material and remove any chemicals from the fabrics
  • Use lukewarm water for washing; always separate the whites from colored clothes and wash your shirts separately to preserve their colour
  • If you're using a washing machine, set the cycle on gentle
  • Wash any stains as soon as possible to prevent them being absorbed in the shirt
  • To prevent perspiration stains, use a deodorant on your body
  • To brighten your white shirts use bleach; never use starch on dark colour shirts
  • Leave shirts slightly damp when ironing to aid in wrinkle removal
  • Hang your shirts on wooden or plastic hangers

Here are some tips for ironing your Tailors Mark dress shirts:

  • For best results use a steam iron; always set the temperature according to the fabric you're ironing
  • When ironing the collar, start on the underside and iron in a direction away from the collar points toward the back of the neck area. Turn the shirt on the opposite side an iron the same way on the collar's front side
  • When ironing the yoke, iron from the neck out towards the center of the shirt. If your shirt has pleats at the yoke, iron them in the direction of the fold
  • When ironing the cuffs, iron the cuffs inside out. Lay the sleeve flat and work from the cuff upward; repeat on the opposite side
  • When ironing the shirt body, start at the shoulders and work down toward the shirt ends. Do this one step at a time, starting on the right body panel and then move to the left. This will help to keep both sides ironed properly. And use the iron's tip to iron in between the buttons

Here are some washing tips designed to help keep your shirts looking their best:

  • Always remove collar stays and cufflinks prior to washing
  • Whether washing by hand or machine, use water temperature of 40 degrees centigrade or less
  • Always use the gentlest cycle on the washing machine, and place your shirts in a lingerie bag to prevent chafing your collars and cuffs
  • Wash your dark colours separately
  • Avoid tumble-drying your shirts, instead, let them hang to drip dry on a hanger
  • Iron your shirts while damp, or use a spray bottle to keep them slightly wet. Always iron the collar away from the points
  • To prevent fading on dark shirts, iron the inside of the collar
  • Always hang your shirts on an appropriate hanger after ironing
  • Soak your shirts in Napisan every four to five washings to restore the shirt's colour and brightness
  • To prevent loss, always sew buttons as they become loose