Tailoring is dead,
Long live tailoring.

We exist because the outdated world of men’s tailoring needs a fresh face.

One that puts more value on creating quality suits that fit you right, the first time. And less value on cheesy gimmicks, like whisky and cigars served in pompous showrooms.

One team, one mission

Launch the world of men’s tailoring into the digital age.

Make it simpler – meaning smoother, timelier and more convenient - for men to get quality clothes that actually fit. (Some mission, right?)

We really like clever tech.

Innovative tech applied in clever ways frees up your time to do more of what really matters. Ultimately, it makes life easier. That’s why we started Tailors Mark: to save your time, and make it simpler to get quality clothes that fit right.

But we love people.

Clothes that fit, empower. We love seeing your faces light up when you try on a suit that’s made for your body only. You stand taller, smile easier, and ready to tackle the day. Empowering you is what motivates us.

Their words, not ours.

Customer Reviews



Try it once and you will never go back to off the rack.



I feel confident, comfortable, and happier putting on Tailors Mark gear. It is a little jolt of joy every morning. I don't have to worry about my shirt or suit looking shabby. I am dressed for success.



I always hated shopping for clothes for myself and had never ordered clothes online before, so having assistance from the style consultants early on was fantastic. Now that my account is set up, I simply choose my favourite purchases from my history, choose a colour, pattern or style and have confidence it will arrive in a timely manner. It's a great fit and great quality!



I feel like a million bucks. Buying suits and shirts off the rack generally means you need to compromise sizing, style, etc. Tailors Mark lets you customise the lot which means you can be confident with all elements of the final product.



In a tailored suit/shirt you feel and know that you look as good as can be. There's nothing that makes you as confident as a tailored suit does.



If you're looking for a real suit that’s made to fit you, that'll last as long as you look after it, and will look great regardless of your size, you need to get to Tailors Mark asap.

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