Shirt and Fabric Information

Whilst ordering your shirts from Tailors Mark you may need to know things like how the shirts fit, what type of collar is best for a certain occasion, various cuff options, sleeve choices and much more.

We've put together a convenient, easy-to-use information listing so you can narrow down your choices and make sure you're ordering the exact style of shirt you want. It's fast, easy and informative.

Shirt Fit
Collar Types
Collar Stiffness
Removable Collar Stays
Sleeve Types
Cuff Types
Cuff Stiffness
Front Yoke
Back Details
Bottom Cut

Shirt Fit

Loose fit - Select a loose-fitting shirt for casual days or for days when you need a little extra room to move.

Normal fit - Perfect for work or for play, normal fit is ideal for a professional look.

Slim fit - Choose slim fit for a sleek, form-fitting, tailored look.

Tailors Mark

Collar Types

The collar helps make your shirt distinctive, from casual to dressy. Here are some styles to choose from:

Collar Description
Standard This traditional collar style, popular with executives, can be worn with or without a tie and flatters many face shapes.
Button Down This style features buttonholes on the points which fasten to the collar, eliminating the need for starching. This collar can be worn with or without a tie and can be for business or casual attire.
Short Button Down This variation on the button-down collar features shorter points, most suitable for men with long or oval-shaped faces.
Hidden Button Down This variation on the button-down collar features hidden buttons, making the shirt appear dressier while eliminating the need for starching.
Double Button Down This casual style of button-down collar features two buttons at the neck and long points, making it suitable for framing a wide or round face.
Full Spread Made popular by the Duke of Windsor, this dressy collar is usually worn on formal occasions and looks best with a large tie knot like the Windsor tie knot.
Half Spread This collar, has a medium spread and can be worn with or without a tie.
Cutaway Collar This is a slightly longer version of the Full Spread collar and has wider collar tips that cut back. Can be worn with or without a tie. Looks great with a jacket over the top because the cutback collar wings stay nicely inside your jacket.
Batman Collar This dressy collar has long point, is usually worn with a tie, and best suits men with round or square faces.
Tab Long This dressy, business-style collar features tabs extending from its undersides which fasten together with a snap. This collar must be worn with a tie.
Tab Short This collar, like the Long Tab collar, is dressy and suitable for business attire, and its shorter tabs make your necktie more prominent. Perfect for showing off a gorgeous new tie!
Saint Germaine This collar features two buttons at the neck and because of its long tips is flattering for the man with a round face. Can be worn with or without a tie.
Mao Collar This one button round collar was traditionally worn in China to formal or military occasions but is now considered a casual style, worn without a necktie.
London Long This traditional collar, best worn with business or formal attire, has long points which flatter a man with a round or square face. Usually worn with a tie.
London Long Double Button This classic collar has especially long points and is best suited for men with round faces. Should be worn with a tie.
Modern This collar has long, prominent points, flattering to a round or square face. Can be worn both casually and formally, with our without a tie.
Wing Tip Collar This classy, aptly-named collar is intended for formal wear with a bowtie to black or white tie affairs. The most formal collar of all.
Round Collar The round collar provides a tighter fit on the neck, and its long points flatter round or square faces. Perfect for business or formal attire.

Collar Stiffness

Soft - This level of stiffness works best for casual or business casual shirts.

Normal - Normal stiffness, ideal for business ensembles, is the most popular stiffness choice.

Stiff - A stiff collar should be chosen for formal affairs or when you need to dress to impress!

Removable Collar Stays

These stays can be removed & replaced based on your needs. Please note, removable collar stays are NOT available for the following collars:

  • - Button down
  • - Tab Long
  • - Mao Collar
  • - Wing tip- Smoking collar
  • - Small button down
  • - Short tab collar
  • - Hidden button down
  • - Button Down double button

Sleeve Types

Long sleeve - most appropriate for a work or professional setting.

Short sleeve - choose a short sleeved shirt for casual wear or for informal occasions.

Short Sleeve with narrow cuff - perfect for a 'smart casual' occasion in summer.

Roll-up sleeve - a standard long sleeve shirt with cuff and a small button and closure with button hole to ensure the sleeve stays rolled up. Used on more casual shirts.

3/4 Sleeve - for ladies shirts only, and is about 60-75% of your arm length.

Cuff Types

Cuff Description
Single Button Round This timeless, classic barrel style cuff features one button and a round cut - perfect for any ensemble.
Double Button Round This barrel cuff features two buttons, ideal for when you'd prefer a tighter cuff, and a classic rounded style.
Single Button Cut Corner This elegant barrel style cuff features one button and is beveled for style, ideal for business or for pleasure!
Double Button Cut Corner This classic barrel style cuff has two buttons for a traditional look and works best when you want tighter fitting cuffs.
Single Button Square Perhaps the most popular type of cuff in the USA, this versatile style of cuff works with formal, business, or casual attire.
French Round French, or double cuffs, have an extra length of sleeve folded back and fastened with your favorite cufflinks! These are round-cut and are ideal for formal occasions.
French Angled These elegant and formal cuffs are designed so that you may show off your favorite cufflinks in a formal setting. Beveled edges for style.
French Square These French cuffs, made with extra lengths of sleeve which fold back and are fastened by your favorite cufflinks, are square-cut and perfect for formal occasions.
Triple Button Cut Corner This is a traditional barrel cuff with three buttons for when you want a tighter fitting sleeve, beveled for extra style.
Triple Button Round This variation on the traditional barrel cuff has three buttons and works when you want a tighter fitting sleeve. Rounded for style.
Triple Button Square This traditional barrel style cuff features three buttons for a tighter fitting sleeve and is squared for a classic look.
Milanese Cut Corner Milanese cuffs, also known as "James Bond Cuffs," are a stylish choice for formal events or affairs. Beveled edges add unique style.
Milanese Round These Milanese cuffs, also known as "James Bond Cuffs," are perfect for formal events or affairs. Classic round cut style.
Single Button Round (short) Similar to the Single Button Round cuff with a more narrow cuff. A very formal cuff

Cuff Stiffness

Soft - The soft cuff option works best for casual, comfortable shirts.

Standard - The normal cuff option is ideal for business shirts or for when you want to look crisp and sharp.

Stiff - The stiff cuff option is best suited for shirts worn on formal occasions with formal attire.


No Placket - This is a clean and simple placket used on both business and casual shirts.

Box Placket - Choose this narrow placket style for traditional business or casual shirts. Appropriate for men and women.

Hidden Buttons - This placket style features hidden buttons for when when you want a sleeker look or for when you want to show off a gorgeous tie! Used on more formal shirts.

Tuxedo Placket - The tuxedo placket, as its name implies, is suitable for tuxedo shirts and has tuxedo ruffles on the front of the shirt whilst still allowing the shirts buttons to be visible.

Front Darts - Suitable for men and for women, give the shirt a more tailored look and a fitted feel.

Front Yoke

Traditional - This standard front yoke is found on most business, business-casual, casual, and formal shirts.

Wild West - For a fun and casual Western American look, choose the Wild West front yoke to complete your cowboy ensemble!

Angle - Add a little flair to the front of your shirt with this European-influenced yoke style, suitable for more casual shirts.


Classic Square - This is the classic pocket style used on business and casual shirts for men and for women.

Diamond Straight - The diamond straight pocket is a dressier version of the classic square and befits business or formal wear.

Pocket Flap - The flap pocket is well-suited for casual or business casual wear for both men and women. Has a visible button on the flap.

Pocket Placement

Left - Left pocket placement is the most popular option in most business and casual shirts. Choose this for a classic look.

Right - Womens' shirts generally utilize the right pocket placement style.

Both - Choose pockets on both sides for a casual look.


Uniform - Traditionally used for formal or military occasions, these decorative epaulettes are buttoned into a small strap across the shoulder's seam and can be worn formally or casually.

Back Details

Plain - The plain back cut is standard for many casual, business casual and button-down shirts.

Centre Folds - The box pleat is the most popular style of back cut, suitable for business, casual, and formal shirts and allows some more room around the back of the shoulders.

Side Darts - These darts work well with casual or formal shirts and gives shirts a more tailored look and feel.

Back Darts - Back darts, suitable for men and for women, give the shirt a more tailored look and fitted feel.

Traditional Yoke - Choose the traditional back yoke for your business, casual, and formal shirts. The most popular back yoke style.

Wild West Yoke - This fun yoke style evokes the American Wild West and should be worn on casual shirts only.

Bottom Cut

Modern - This modern cut is appropriate for both business and casual attire. This shirt can be worn both tucked into trousers or un-tucked.

Traditional - The classic or traditional cut is best-suited for business or formal attire. The shirt will be best tucked in to the trousers as it is slightly longer at the back to ensure that it does not ride up when sitting down.

Straight with slit - Choose the straight-cut shirt for business, business casual, and casual shirts. Can be worn both tucked into trousers and un-tucked.


Waist - The waist monogram is typically used for more casual shirts but can be worn in a business setting.

Breast - Choose breast monogram placement for a traditional look, suitable for business, casual and some formal wear.

Cuff - Monogram placement on the cuff is a great way to show the world who you are, in a subtle and classy way! Appropriate for all types of shirts.

Inside Collar - The ultimate personalization. Your name embroidery on the inside of the collar.