Suit Fabrics

  • Our suiting fabrics range from wool blends as well as pure wool and luxury merinos. Our wools are stringently tested for quality and wear to ensure they offer exceptional feel and performance.
  • Our wool selection is broken into four pricing levels based on the quality of materials used.
  • - Level 1 : Wool Fabrics. These wools are a fantastic wearing blend and comes in various weaves.
  • - Level 2 : 100% wool. Fantastic wearing and various weaves. Most are in the 90's grade.
  • - Level 3 : 100% Spanish merino wool. Most of this collection are super 100's - 120's.
  • - Level 4 & 5 : A beautiful range of Spanish and Australian merinos. Fabric woven in various mills in Europe including Drago Lanificio In Biella. Fabrics range from 140's +.

The Meaning of Super′s

  • The thread of this story is the numbering system used to describe the new breed of super-lightweight, high-twist wools. Pioneered by Italian mills about ten years ago, these fabrics are made using high-tech machines that spin wool lighter and finer than it's ever been spun before. The various grades of cloth are referred to in numbers, e.g Super 130′s.