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Make Your Mark.

"Great shirts, good quality and responsive customer service."

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New suit, new you.

  • Tailored Shirts and Suits for you. Not made for Someone Else.

    At Tailors Mark we believe that finely tailored shirts and tailored suits are more than an item of clothing, they’re an expression of your individuality, of who you are. Tailored shirts and tailored suits account for the fact that your right arm is a little shorter than your left, or that you’re broad around the shoulders.

    At Tailors Mark, we use technology to simplify the tailoring process, so that you can design a range of premium tailored shirts, casual weekend wear, tailored chinos, custom blazers and custom tailored suits that are hand made to your exact specifications.

    Once you’re measured, you can complete all of your customisations online, with a selection of fabrics and materials from all over the world.

    Design Now
  • Tailored shirts and Tailored Suits. Designed by You.

    Our design platform puts you in charge of your own bespoke suits and tailored shirt design. Click through the easy-to-follow steps to build a tailored suit or set of custom shirts that fit you to perfection.

    We have thousands of different textiles to choose from, from premium European fabrics for the man who demands the ultimate sophistication, down the style conscious man who wants value for money.

    It’s the finer details that give your tailored shirts and bespoke suits their signature style. From the ‘Batman’ collar to the ‘Bond’ French cuffs to a personal monogram, the Mark of a Man is tailored clothing.

    Design Your Wardrobe
  • Build Your Tailored Shirt and Tailored Suit Wardrobe.

    Once you’re fitted with Tailors Mark, it means that you can apply your size to all of our blazers, jackets, pants, and chinos without having to be measured again. So in just a few minutes, you can customise just about anything - from wedding suits to pocket squares - and have them delivered to your door.

    It’s tailoring without the lavish show rooms and old school mess around.

    An entire wardrobe designed and made to just for you.

    Design Your Custom Made Clothing
  • Forever Satisfied.

    We started Tailors Mark because we wanted to combine technology and style to make the tailored shirt process simple, affordable, and empowering.

    So throughout the process, we always guide our customers. Our online store is designed to make it easy for you to customise and create your tailored clothing, so if there’s ever any problems, we’ll always be on hand to help.

    Once your tailored shirt or tailored suit is delivered, we’ll field questions and respond quickly when alterations are needed. We’re here to make life easy, and we want all of our customers to be fully satisfied.

    100% Satisfaction Guarantee